Parallel Push-pull Output Absolute Encoder

Parallel Push-pull Output Absolute Encoder
Product Details

1. The flange form is clamping flange

2. Screw hole card slot installation
3. Key body dimension is 58mm
4. Diameter of axle is 10mm;
5. Side-out cable;
6. Multi-loop Absolute form
7. Resolution is 128
8. Single-loop resolution is 128
9. Output code system is Gray Code
10. Working voltage is 8-29V
11. Parallel push-pull negative logic output

Central equipment applies for multi-loop parallel encoder, becoming tired-and-true after many central equipment plants' application, reliable in performance.

1.Stainless steel housing, anti-corrosion, anti-interference, high reliability.
2.128 circles, 128 resolution ratio, selectable in number of turns and resolutions.
3.Varies of working voltages are selectable.
4.Binary system code
5.Parallel push-pull output
6.Level of protection: IP65

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