Serial SSI Absolute Encoder

Serial SSI Absolute Encoder
Product Details

Mechanical position decides every position is unique, dispense with memory function, reference point, or count. Load position when you need. Immunity characteristics and data's reliability are improved.

Demonstration of the type:
*External diameter:58
*Inner diameter:10,
*Single-loop absolute value
*Resolution is 1024, Gray code, serial SSI output.
*Additional, resolution 256, 360, 512, 1000, 1024, 2048, 2000, 4098, 8192 are selectable. It can replace Japan and South Korean absolute value encoder, such as Omron, KOYO, AUTONICS, etc.
*Varies of working voltages are selectable (5V,12V,24V,8~29V etc.)
*Side-out and Rear entry cable, side-out and rear entry aviation connector, rear entry DB side.
*Resistant to shock, anti-interference, high reliability.
*Selectable in varies of code systems (binary system, Gray Code, Gray redundancy code, BCD code, etc)
*Component-preset, direction selection, latchfunction.

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