Single-ring Absolute Encoder

Single-ring Absolute Encoder
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purpose and characteristic 

This product have been widely used in the fields of automation control and measurement, such as machinery manufacturing, shipping, textiles, printing, aviation, military industry, testing machines, elevator, etc. The characteristic of the product are strong anti-tremor, anti-corrosion, small size, low costs, high reliability, simple construction, etc.

Ø Examine whether product matches specification encoder models, test the electrical wiring is connected right or not before starting up.
Ø Taking elastic connection between axial of encoder and client's output axial to avoid the damage of axial of encoder by radial and axial clearances.
Ø Pay attention to shaft's loading when installing.
Ø Ensure the difference between shaft of encoder and client's output shaft less than 0.20mm, deflation of axis should less than 1.5°.
Ø Avoiding strike, knock and fall when installing.
Ø Don't reverse power line and ground wire.
Ø Ground wire should be thick, greater than or equal to φ3 in common.
Ø Don't overlap the output lines of encoder to avoid the damage of output circuit.
Ø Don't connect signal line of encoder to a direct current or alternating current source to avoid damage output current.
Ø Make sure electrical machine and other equipments connected with encoder grounded well.
Ø Adopt shield cable when fix up conductor arrangement.
Ø Avoid using it under strong electromagnetic wave environment.

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