Textile Machinery Absolute Encoder

Textile Machinery Absolute Encoder
Product Details

Description of Products:

1.The flange form is clamping flange
2.Screw hole card slot installation
3.Key body dimension is 58mm
4.Diameter of axle is 10mm;
5.Side-out cable;
6.The resolution is 1024
7.The output code system is Gray Code.
8.Working voltage is 8-29V
9.Parallel NPN Collector Output

The current high-end product of encoder includes Mechanical true bus-type encoder high-accuracy encoder.
High-end products are mostly monopolized by European brands such as HEIDENHAIN, B+F, etc.
Middle-end products are mainly monopolized by Japan and South Korean brands such as TOYO, AUTONICS, OMRON, etc.

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