Spindle Gear-Type Magnetic Induction Encoder

Spindle Gear-Type Magnetic Induction Encoder
Product Details

Principal axes induced gear encoder


Position Detection (Machine tool equipment: machining center, lathe etc.)
AC electric machine & Feedback of electric spindle speed and position Feedback of conveyer equipment position Feedback of elevator position Other special equipment application(vacuum clean room) or under severe environment( lots of dust or vibration)

Encoder components:
●inductive head:
Built-in standard, built-in signal processor, save space, high-level protection design(IP68) available in severe environment.
Micro miniature built-in,
Built-in signal processing,
Small-size induction
Suitable for narrow-space installation.
Adopt high-level protective design(IP68), availablein severe environment.

Standard gear:module 0.3、0.4、0.5mm,128、256 are available.
Principle of measurement:
Design a non-contact inductive headbased on magnetic field and magnetic sensing component to sense the number of teeth on gear, and possess them into 1Vpp or TTL(RS422 Line Driver) according to circuit-correction signal or segmental signal.

Output signal
Output signals are square(1Vpp) and sine-wave(TTL), selecting according to the demand of control unit.

Product features and introductions:
Using non-contact sensing method to check rotation position and speed. No need toconcern about mechanical abrasion.
Directly transfer doesn't have institution back lash problem.
Module of measuring gear specification:
0~600KHZ high-response output
Output signal: square(1Vpp)and sine wave(TTL).
Built-in standard, built-in signal processor, saving space, high-level protection design(IP68) applicable in severe environment.
It can avoid common sensibility of optical environment pollution in industrial occasion, and improve stability of the system.
Also, It can effectively improve working accuracy. Quick drill, quick cutter change, and persistent tapping can keep the stability of the position.

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