Absolute Encoder with Canopen Interface

Absolute Encoder with Canopen Interface
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* International standard CANopen bus line type, max. 1MHz bit rate.
* Support NMT node protection or heartbeat message, support multi master redundant backup, support LSS layer setup, self-detective, error-correcting, redundancy, and the system is stable with much more reliability.
* Self-equipped data identifier, deliver in broadcasting-mode, transmit position signal with high speed, support synchronous control of multi points.
* Standard industrial class, wide power supply range, polarity protection, wide temperature range, high protection class, high vibration and shock resistance, designed conforms to military industry class and vehicle-loaded class.
* High interference resistance characteristic, EMC up to class 3, efficient operation without good grounding, or even with frequency interference.
* EasyPro intelligent setting, multi address, baud rate, resolution and direction settable.
* Preset position with external setting line, convenient installing, no need positioning.
* 13 bit for single turn, 25 bit for multi turn, others on the request.

ModelMulti turnSingle turn
Clamping FlangeGMX425 RE10 RCBGMS413 RE10 RCB
Synchro FlangeGMX425 SE06 RCBGMS413 SE06 RCB
Blind HollowGMX425 HE12 RCBGMS413 HE12 RCB


Operation voltage
10- 30Vdc  polarity protection
Current consumption< 100mA
Output signalCANopen high speed bus line type. Conforms to Cia DS301 protocol and DS406 special protocol for encoder,  max. baud rate 1MHz
Resolution4096~65536/ revolution
Rounds1- 4096 rounds
EasyPro:Address settable, communication baud rate settable (10KHz --- 1000KHz)
Operating Temp.-25---80 degree Celsius
Storage Temp.-40---80 degree Celsius
Protection classIP67 for housing      IP65 for shaft
Vibration & Shock20g , 10-2000Hz, 100g , 6ms
Allowed speed2400 rpm
Cable1m shielded radial cable ( Other forms on the request)
HousingMetal housing, sealed dual-bearing structure ( See dimension drawing)
Signal adjustmentResolution and direction settable, preset position, external setting, e.g. external setting zero.

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