Multi-turn 4-20MA485 Output Encoder

Multi-turn 4-20MA485 Output Encoder
Product Details

*Full scale absolute value code wheel; economical 4—80 circles true multi-loop absolute measurement.

*Patented technology in Mechanical gear box true multi-loop; No internal battery; No technique device contained; Non-contact absolute value measuring code wheel; Read the corresponding absolute position directly; No need for power-off memory function.
*External diameter is 38mm,whch is light and handy in structure, able to internally installed varies of equipment.
*Range is from 4 to 64 circles, resolution ratio is 4096 or 256 per circle.
*RS485 Multi-rotation angle digital output, selectable in rotational speed.
*Selectable in 8mm or 6mm axle sleeve
*Replacing the upgrade products of potentiometer and incremental encoder to enhance precision and reliability.
*Providing varies of multi-rotation angle absolute value measurement as a more reliable and economic solution.

Characteristic Parameter

Operating Voltage:

5Vdc±10%(Note 1)or 10-30Vdc

Output Signal:

Transparent Protocol. Forwardly sending multi-reception mode,including check code signal,Baud rate19200.communication protocol attached。

Refresh Cycle


Full Output X Resolution per circle


46X1024 X256

64X1024 X256

Selectable in other circles.

Mechanical Rotating Speed


Operating Temperature

-40℃~80℃ Storage Temperature:-40℃~80℃

Measurement Accuracy:


Angle Signal

Total 14BIT 65536 resolution ratio

Note 1: 5Vdc-type power supply focuses on BPJ equipment. If the hookup distance is longer than 2 meters, or electric condition on-site is complicated, 10-30Vdc-type is recommended.

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