Multi-Turn Absolute Encoder (MA58S10)

Multi-Turn Absolute Encoder (MA58S10)
Product Details

Basic Info

Model NO.:ID10-58L10-MA32/2048B3RCNType:Multi-Turn Absolute Encoder
Working Principle:AbsoluteReadout Mode:Non-Contact
Operating System:Magnetoelectric TypeSignal Output:Long Drive Output
Axle Sleeve Type:Empty TypeInstallation Form:Axle Sleeve Type
Brand:AllblueAxonia:Clamping Flange Type
Enter Attribute Here (e.g.: Size):Enter Value Here (e.g.: 12 Inches)Trademark:ALLBLUE
Specification:ISO 9001, CEOrigin:Weihai,Shandong China

MA58S10 is a magnetic rotary encoder with high performance, suitable for application in harsh environments, easy to be installed to the existing equipment. The encoder works on electromagnetic induction principle,with maximum number of turns up to 4096, and resolution of single turn up to 16384 PPR, absolute value output. Since the number of turns is counted by mechanical gears, there is no need for battery attached, accordingly the stablization of encoder performance is guarranteed.


ProtocolSSI(RS422)/ MODBUS RTU(RS485)/ User-determined(RS485)
Programming FunctionsResolution, gearing factor (physical resolution) , number of turns, preset (zero point), counting direction, limit switches, digital cam, node number, teach-in, diagnosis
Manual FunctionsAddress selector switch 0-99 and terminal resistor (with
connection cap)
Transmission Rate≤12Mbps
Interface Cycle Time≥ 1 ms


Output DriverRS422/RS485, Profibus Data Interface, galvanically isolated via opto-couplers

Electrical Data

Supply Voltage10 - 30 VDC(On power supplies comply with EN 50178)
Current Consumption≤ 60 mA
Power Consumption≤ 2 W
Start-Up Time< 1 s
Reverse Polarity ProtectionYes
Short Circuit ProtectionYes
EMC: Emitted InterferenceEN 61000-6-4
EMC: Noise ImmunityEN 61000-6-2
MTTF50000 hours @ 40&#176;C


Resolution Singleturn16384
Number of Turns4096
Multiturn TechnologyMechanical Gearing (no Battery)
Accuracy (INL)&#177;0.0220&#176;

Environmental Specifications

Protection Class (Shaft)IP65
Protection Class (Housing)IP65
Operating Temperature-25&#176;C ~ +85&#176;C
Storage Temperature-40&#176;C ~ +105&#176;C
Humidity98% RH, no condensation

Mechanical Data

Connection Cap MaterialStainless Steel V4A (1.4404; 316L)
Housing MaterialAluminum
Housing CoatingSprayed paint
Flange TypeClamping, &#248;58 mm
Flange MaterialAluminum
Shaft typeSolid, Single Flat, Length = 15 mm
Shaft diameter&#248; 10 mm
Rotor Inertia&#8804; 35 gcm&#178;
Friction Torque&#8804; 3 Ncm @ 20 &#176;C
Max. Permissible Mechanical Speed&#8804; 3000 rpm
Shock Resistance&#8804; 100g (half sine 6 ms, EN 60068-2-27)
Vibration Resistance&#8804; 10 g (10 Hz - 200 Hz, EN 60068-2-6)
Length68 mm
Weight500 g (with 1m cable)

Electrical Connection

Connection OrientationAxial
Connection Type1&#215;Waterproof connector, axial

Product Description

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