Multi-turn Serial SSI Absolute Encoder

Multi-turn Serial SSI Absolute Encoder
Product Details

Absolute value code wheel

●High accuracy full digitalization
●No need to additional battery
●No signal interference
●Zero drift

* SSI digital output, clock's fastest frequency can up to 500KHz, high-speed and high precision control.
* The resolution is 4096 per circle, continuing for 4096 circles.
* Wide working voltage, very low power consumption.
* Clamping flange, synchro flange or blind-hole axle sleeve, international standard configuration.
*Interchangeable with all 25BIT SSI encoder of German.

●Working voltage: 10-30Vdc polarity protection
●Power Consumption: 40mA(24Vdc); 80mA(12Vdc)
●Output Signal: 25BIT SSI synchronous serial signal
●Resolution: 4096/circle, continuing for 4096 circles.
●Degree of Accuracy: 0.3°
●Speed of Clock: fastest frequency can up to 500KHz, 125 KHz recommended.
●Operating Temperature:-25-80°C
●Storage Temperature:-40-80°C
●Level of Protection: Housing IP67  Spindle IP65
●Vibration and Impact: 20g, 10-2000Hz; 100g, 6ms
●Permissible Revolution: 2400 revolutions per minute
●Power Cut & Preserve: Power cut doesn't affect position preserved
●Connecting Cable:1-meter shielded cable radial side-out(The rest of forms accept goods-ordering)
●External Feature: Metal housing, sealing dual-bearing structure (special appearance can be customized.)

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