Encoder Market Development

Application of encoder in the OEM market higher, mainly used in machine tools, elevators, servo motor, textile machinery, packaging machinery, printing machinery, hoisting machinery and other industries. In 2010, China's high-speed growth in the OEM market of encoder market is growing rapidly, 2010 encoders market size in China reached 1.3 billion yuan, an increase of 42.9%.

Industry, Elevator, machine tool and servo motor is the focus of Encoder applications, total market 53% market share. Textile machinery, packaging and printing machinery and other areas currently smaller market share, the encoder does not go directly to these three industries, encoder manufacturers compete mainly in the mechanical industry with servo motor the motor production plant segment. Lifting market share is small, accounting for only 4%-5%. In project-oriented industries such as metallurgy and electronics industry, encoder using low market share of only 14%.