High-precision Absolute Encoder

Absolute encoder using natural binary, circular binary (gray code) or PRC physical lines of code to code disc conversion will connect to axis of rotation angles converted into electrical pulses and digital output, its each position corresponds to a unique numeric code, which has a power off memory function.

Sometimes, where you get the position value of the encoder's digital drive system and feedback loops also require encoders to provide some added value. To make the system more reliable, the encoder also has error detection and diagnostic functions. HEIDENHAIN Corporation Endat2.2 data interface is a bi-directional data interface suitable for encoder, to transfer absolute or incremental encoders the position value, can also transfer or update stored in the encoder information or save the new information. Thanks to serial data transmission it only takes 4 lines. Clock signal to synchronize data transfers to keep up with subsequent electronic equipment. Type of data transmission (location, parameters or diagnostic information) through the following electronic equipment to encoder mode of instruction selection.